Decor9 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Without Spending Any Money

9 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Without Spending Any Money

It is no surprise that the entire world is suffering a massive kick to the economy right now. With that, so many jobs are compromised and more and more people are finding ways to save their money. On the flip side, the rise in home renovations has gone up drastically with people self isolating and looking for ways to keep themselves occupied during this time. I am here to help with 9 ways to upgrade your home without spending any money! 

1. Proper Placement of Window Treatments

I often see homes with drapes hung improperly. When hanging your window treatments you want to maximize the size of the room and windows as much as possible. Here is a great link to follow in order to adjust the current placement of your drapes giving any room in your home a mini face lift.

2. Declutter

While it is important to declutter anywhere in your home to allow for a free mind (especially with so many working from home) I specifically mean this in the kitchen right now. Find a new home for all the items sitting on your counter tops. A nicely staged vignette with a display of some useful kitchen utensils is perfectly fine. But if you are someone who has a lot of non-essential items on your counters it is time to relocate them. This includes toasters, blenders, bread boxes, trinkets and jars – anything that might fill usable counter space.

3. Clean Your Carpets

Instead of rushing out to buy a new one this year, get your hands dirty and scrub your rugs. By giving your rugs a deep clean, it will refresh your home and also hope to prolong the life of your carpet as well.  Try this homemade recipe to aid you in your cleaning.

4. Scrub Your Tile Grout

It’s as simple as that. By cleaning the grout in your tiles whether it is the front entrance, kitchen, bathroom etc. it will immediately enhance your entire space. It will feel brand new by just this simple touch up.

5. Hide Your Wires

If you have a TV mounted on the wall, and you can see any wires hanging from that tv, it is time to hide them. By doing so it immediately upgrades the space from feeling disheveled and incomplete to put together and high end. Here is a great tutorial on how to hide them.

6. Rearrange Your Furniture

Before deciding to buy new furniture for a space, try a new layout first. Maybe the current layout you have has just gotten boring, or isn’t the best placement in the first place. Move around your sofa, chairs etc. and see if there is a new way you can transform the space to give it a new and exciting function. Sometimes you don’t even realize you have had it all wrong from day one and are missing out on the possibility of more functional space.

7. Organize Your Bookshelves

If you have a bookshelf and it is filled completely with books, try displaying them differently than just the traditional vertical way. Place like colours together or place them backwards (I know crazy right) and try to create variations to display them. Stack them on top of one another horizontally and add in a few favourite pictures or vases as bookends that you may have stored away to create some depth and character on the shelf.

8. Decorate Your Dining Room Table

Set out place settings at your dining room table as if you were to have guests over. You will be more inclined to use it and feel good about spending time with your family at your beautifully decorated space. It will instantly upgrade your home and every time you walk by the room it will bring joy seeing it all put together. 

9. Get Outside

This may come as a surprise when referring to decorating your home. But get outside in nature and see those things around you that inspire you. Collect some sticks, dried flowers, pampas grass and anything that could work as a centrepiece at home. Find items that are complimentary to your homes decor and play with the placement in different spaces of the home. There is also a sense of accomplishment when you put your own arrangements on display that we could all use a little more of right now.