DecorHow to Choose the Right White Paint

How to Choose the Right White Paint

I am often asked about my favourite “whites” when it comes to choosing a paint colour. Recently, white walls have become the latest trend and everyone wants to jump on board with this bright and fresh idea. In previous years we saw a lot of grey and taupe like Sherwin Williams colour of the year in 2017 – Poised Taupe.

When working with a colour like taupe there is a great balance between a warm brown and cool grey thus creating a “taupe.” This colour works in a lot of spaces as it picks up on natural elements in your decor whether it be a warm or cool tone. But when working with whites it couldn’t be more opposite. While whites are refreshing, choosing the wrong white can result in your space looking dirty and dingy or like you painted with primer. To avoid this issue on your next home project I have put together a few helpful tips to choose the right white. 

Tips to make your decision making easier

  • When choosing a white make sure the space you are working in is a well lit area, preferably with natural sunlight. Without this sunlight, your white could end up looking dull and create a lot of shadows in the room.
  • Choosing the same white for your baseboards, walls and ceiling can take some of the guesswork out of the project. Use a Satin finish on the baseboards, Eggshell on the walls and a flat finish for the ceiling. This makes it look like 3 different beautiful whites but it’s guaranteed to be a perfect match since it’s all the same colour. 
  • Decorate your home with warm wood tones and natural elements to prevent the space from looking stark and cold. 
  • Hardwood floors go with virtually any white. Think of them as your favourite pair of jeans, anything goes! 
  • Whites that have a yellow undertone help bounce light from one wall to the next making the space seem larger. Using a mirror when you are unsure will also help bounce the light.

Here are a few of my favourite whites

#1 Chantilly Lace – Benjamin Moore.

This white is the base to all whites. It is one of the cleanest whites with no warm or cool undertones making it easy to compare all other whites to it. This colour is best used in a well lit home but consider using in a kitchen with marble or quartz countertops since it acts as a great base for even off white counters and cabinets. 

#2 Swiss Coffee – Benjamin Moore.

This is one of my favourite whites because of its warm earthy undertones. It helps to reflect the light in spaces that might receive northern sun which would typically be darker throughout the day, giving it a brighter effect.

#3 Simply White – Benjamin Moore

Once again this colour doesn’t sway too much into the grey or beige category. With just the right amount of both it is complementary to rich and bold accents. It is a favourite for walls, trim and ceilings. It’s depth is great for a softer, inviting approach. 

#4 Alabaster – Sherwin Williams

Another one with the right balance, this creamy and neutral white is inviting and comforting. With a warmer hue it is great in a space such as a living room or bedroom. 

#5 Distant Grey – Benjamin Moore

This colour is best used in a well lit area or it could end up looking grey and dirty. I especially like this colour as a backdrop for some focal art or paired with grey and marble accents due to its bluish cooler undertones.