DecorYour Guide to Selecting the Perfect Throw Pillows for your Space.

Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Throw Pillows for your Space.

We are always impressed with how simple it can be to refresh/ transform a room by just a switch of your throw pillows. They can really make or break your space as they are one of the final, most important elements to pull together a room. However, selecting the proper throw pillows can be a head scratcher and not an easy task. There are a million and one fabric options, textures, and colours to choose from. With this guide, we will be able to help you with this problem with just a few key tips and tricks. Following is Courtney Turk Interior’s go-to-vendor for the perfect inserts and throw pillow covers.

1. Choose at least one of the existing accent colours in the space and repeat it.

This tip is one of the most important to ensure that the space feels cohesive. If you are working with a certain colour palette, make sure to include at least one or two throw pillows with that particular colour in the space.

Photo by Courtney Turk Interiors – Project Sweet Like Sweeney

2. The pillows should get smaller toward the middle of the sofa or bench seat. 

Depending on the size of the piece, it is important to fill the seat with the proper sized throw pillows. On a large deep sofa, we tend to include approximately 5 pillows. 2 on one side, and 3 on the other. For a standard length sofa, we typically use 4 pillows. Follow our pillow sizing guide below (for a large deep sofa).

3. Stick to three materials when selecting throw pillows. 

One solid colour, one neutral, and one patterned throw pillow. This is the perfect formula to get the best look for your space.  Incorporating a few different materials and colours in your pillows will make it seem intentional and more tailored to your style and in turn, make for a very impressive vignette. 

Photo by Courtney Turk Interiors – Lac Heney Project

4. Choose the right insert!

There is nothing worse than walking into a room and seeing a flat, dull, foam fill throw pillow. When selecting your throw pillow fabric, it is just as important to pick the proper fill to ensure a fluffy, choppable, luscious throw pillow. Not only does it make your sofa appear more comfortable, it actually supports your body and neck when used. A down feather pillow insert is our go-to. It is a great fill that can be fluffed back into its regular shape. Here is a link to our favourite supplier for both polyester down fill, and true feather down inserts: They carry all the throw pillow sizes you will need, and also carry the most unique and beautiful fabrics! 

Photo by Courtney Turk Interiors – Project Center Park – Brigil

Author: Melissa Lepage, Senior Interior Decorator