DecorUnleash your Weekend Washi Tape Warrior

Unleash your Weekend Washi Tape Warrior

Become a Weekend Warrior and tackle those tasks that you’ve been putting off all summer this weekend. 

My kids and I picked our favourite washi tape colours and decided on two different looks from my previous post on “10 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Decorate with Washi Tapeto enhance their bedroom walls.

A few things I learned when working with the tape 

  1. Be sure to clean your walls and hands. The tape we purchased from Amazon was a bit translucent so any dirt or fingerprints were easy to see. 
  2. Pre-measure your design. Do not draw your design on the wall. Due to the translucent nature of the tape, you will see it when the tape runs over your markings. Measure your pieces in advance and set them aside as you build the image for even lines.
  3. Do not overstretch the tape when you are placing it on the wall. I found that if you pulled on it, it lost its ability to stick and would just come off the wall later.