DecorTips for Shelf Styling & Creating a Thoughtful Vignette

Tips for Shelf Styling & Creating a Thoughtful Vignette

Styled shelving and thoughtful vignettes can be some of the most eye catching moments in your home. It is important to have individuality and personal elements in your home decor. By doing so, it really allows the space to feel completed with your style while incorporating elements that mean something to you. After all it is your home, and your decor should reflect who you are and what you love.  Follow these simple tips to elevate your space and find purpose to your empty shelves and dull spaces!

Project How Low Can Hugo – Courtney Turk Interiors
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Shelf Styling

Tip 01. Start with a blank slate. If you have shelving that is too full or not full enough, start by removing absolutely everything and begin with an empty space. This will allow you to gather your items and take a look at how much you have, and how much space you have to work with.

Tip 02. Continue by placing your 3 favourite pieces all on separate shelves. This will break up your meaningful pieces and give them their own spotlight.

Tip 03. Lean your favourite artwork in behind. Give your shelf some colour / variation in shape and ultimately tell a story! Shelving is a great conversation starter. If it is styled with intention it will ultimately intrigue your guests.

Tip 04. Don’t overcrowd your shelves! The common mistake you see is an absolute array of random items and too many pieces on one shelf. You would be surprised to know that less is more in this case. Layer your items and incorporate pieces with height and dimension, this will help fill a space rather than overcrowding decor objects.

Trick: Stack your books horizontally to create some height and place your decor objects or greenery on top.

Tip 05. Incorporate different forms of texture. This can be found in greenery, pottery, books, objects. This gives your shelves a sense of life and movement.

Tip 06. Try to style your shelves in groups of 3 pieces, all at different heights. This will give your shelf a bit of visual interest and allow the eye to move in different places.

Tip 07. Incorporate meaningful items to you! After all, it is something you will be looking at everyday, so give the item its spotlight! Gather some items you’ve found or collected from your travels, or an item that we like to say “spoke to you”. This gives your shelves so much more depth!

Project How Low Can Hugo – Courtney Turk Interiors

Tip 08. Take a look at the extra space you have, and fill those holes with books. Flip them around and use the pages side for an extra pop of contrast!

Tip 09. Take photos of your shelves from a distance and observe the picture you took. Then see where you can improve! Sometimes stepping back and looking from afar will take your eye directly to the source! Styling your shelves can have no rhyme or reason. Just move things around and get creative until it feels right all while keeping these tips in mind. After all, shelving is a great and easy thing to change frequently as the seasons or even your style changes!

Styling a Thoughtful Vignette

Creating thoughtful vignettes on your table tops or in your favorite areas of your home can really reflect your style, feel lived in and ultimately create a sense of comfort and purpose. Impress yourself or your guests with a staged vignette in your home following these 3 important tips!

Tip 01. Stick to a theme and give it depth.

This usually helps when you start with a certain room. For example, if you are having guests over and want to serve food, take this opportunity to create an impressive vignette in your kitchen! Start by layering your necessary serving items, and build on it with added texture like greenery or extra kitchenware needed for serving.

Project How Low Can Hugo – Courtney Turk Interiors

Tip 02. Work with your favourite pieces and display them in odd numbers.

This is probably our favourite challenge when we style our projects. Again, in resemblance to a shelf and styling it with your personal items, there is no real rhyme or reason to this method of accessorizing. It is one of those things where you have to play with what you have, and the things that you love and really create a thoughtful moment and focal point.

Tip 03. Set the mood.

For example, if you have a reading nook, set the tone and the mood in this space by styling it with your favourite cozy blankets, your favourite books, some nice florals, candlelight and ambient lighting! This will really help the body and mind relax and bring you to that comfy spot in your home everyday.

Project How Low Can Hugo – Courtney Turk Interiors
Project Neale – Courtney Turk Interiors

Author: Melissa Lepage, Senior Interior Decorator