DecorThe First Step to a Clutter Free Home

The First Step to a Clutter Free Home

I have a lot of  people comment on the fact that I am a minimalist, and have a clutter free home. They question how I do it with young children and stay on top of the endless toys and mess created by the evolving needs of the kids. The answer is simple, I purge often but I also only buy things I LOVE. I only buy items that “Spark Joy” in the words of Marie Kondo. I find I am more conscious about the items’ purpose or function in the home. Thinking this way has resulted in a lot less knick knacks and everything has a place in the home. With kids this can be a challenge but they too understand that a clutter free home means a clutter free mind – and with that we can all have a happier environment to spend our time each day.

Decluttering your home can take time and patience.

The first step before the inevitable purge is to start with storage solutions until you’re ready to tackle the hard stuff.

Storage Solution #1: Sideboard

Found at Anthropologie

A sideboard doesn’t have to be in your dining room, this piece can work great in a front entrance and can store hats/mittens, even mail and keys to eliminate clutter from collecting at your entryway.

Storage Solution #2: Cabinets (IKEA hack)

Found at IKEA

This idea was inspired by Amber from Amber Interiors who used two cabinets from IKEA’s SEKTION line. She later added a solid oak plank to pull together the custom look.

Consider an inexpensive Ikea hack for your storage needs. This unit is subtle yet functional and can be customized into any space with loads of options for colour, style and size. You can transform a tacky children’s playroom into a space that won’t overload your brain with chaos and disorganization. 

Storage Solution #3: Baskets

Having baskets allows each item to have a place. Whether it be a linen closet like this one, or kitchen cabinets to store items that might be harder to stack, baskets are something I cannot live without. Toys can be one of the hardest items to keep organized but baskets keep them separated and tidy either behind cabinet doors or on display to match other decor in your home.