DecorThe Complete Guide to E-Design with an Interior Decorator

The Complete Guide to E-Design with an Interior Decorator

For me the COVID-19 experience has certainly been an adjustment in more ways than just my business, as I am sure many of you can relate. 

Prior to COVID-19 an in-person consultation was something that was almost mandatory as part of my service offering. I wanted to see the home, feel it and know a little more about the clients I was working with. I would literally get a look inside their daily lives to really make their house a home. With the focus shifting away from in-person projects to more E-Design and virtual services I have been able to put those once “necessary” requirements aside and adjust to a new wave of virtual clients.

With multiple successful E-Design clients over the past year, I am now confident to share our E-design service that is here to stay with or without Covid present.

Courtney was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was very professional, creative, and delivered the project on time and on budget. She kept me informed each step of the way, and even provided alternative options based on stocking and delivery issues presented by COVID-19. I would highly recommend Courtney for any virtual or in-person decorating services – she will definitely exceed your expectations!”

– Hannah Currie

Our Interior Decorator E-Design Process:

Step 1: Let’s get started

Our virtual process begins with our clients providing information about the spaces you are looking to transform.  Here is the questionnaire form that we require to be completed before proceeding with our services for an interior decor E-design project. These questions provide a general overview and direction for the room(s) in question, budget, expected timeline for completion and a series of photos, both of the spaces and inspirational as well as the dimensions of the spaces. 

Once our design team receives all the necessary information about your space we will schedule a call with you to learn more about you and how we can personalize your space(s) to suit your style, functionality and needs. Following the 30 minute consultation, your design team will send you a proposal outlining the professional service fees, deliverables, and timeline for your project. 

Step 2: Time to design

Once we receive a signed copy of the proposal, now the fun can begin!

We will spend the next few weeks curating a personalized design concept for your space as outlined in your proposal as well as provide you with an article sheet to purchase all the recommended products with ease. We take the guesswork out of specific decor elements for you as well by providing key considerations when transforming your space. 

Here are some examples of some of the elements we assist you with in our E-design projects: 

  • New furniture suggestions and placement
  • Paint suggestions
  • Lighting 
  • Hard finishes like countertop, tile flooring, backsplash, etc. 
  • Artwork and decor items 
  • Concepts for future renovation projects that can be used with your preferred contractors 
  • Key instructions on how to properly hang artwork and window treatments

Step 3:  Design handoff

This is where we present to you your completed project! 

It is important we discuss any feedback and questions within a timely manner to assure that your products remain available to purchase. Inventory levels for certain products can fluctuate quickly so timing is a very important aspect in our e-design process.

We have found that our clients are unique in this final stage and we like to tailor to our clients needs with either an email to discuss the completed project or a 1hr video call to discuss any questions. This process allows us to make any necessary adjustments to your project and return to you promptly. If no questions or revisions are needed, you have now successfully completed a project through our e-design process!

Here is an example of a recent interior decor project we completed via e-design:

These homeowners needed some help with head to toe furniture selections, lighting, artwork and a fireplace concept. They were moving into a brand new home with no personal touches and bare walls. Without giving away all of our secrets, here is a quick glimpse of what your next interior decorating project could look like with our E-design services.

Article Sheet for the concept above:

Hagen white/sky area rug- Courtney Turk Interiors 

Mondo Chair -Urban Barn 

Beckham Modern Chandelier – Modern Komfort

Artificial Olive tree – Wayfair 

Rida Dining Table – LD Shoppe

If you are considering E-Design services for your home or office, get in touch to get started.