For me the COVID-19 experience has certainly been an adjustment in more ways than just my business, as I am sure many of you can relate.

Prior to COVID-19 an in-person consultation was something that was almost mandatory as part of my service offering. I wanted to see the home, feel it and know a little more about the clients I was working with. I would literally get a look inside their daily lives to really make their house a home. With the focus shifting away from in-person projects to more E-Design and virtual services I have been able to put those once “necessary” requirements aside and adjust to a new wave of virtual clients.

With multiple successful E-Design clients over the past few months, I am now confident to share a new service offering that I have added to my business.

I am excited to share a project from start to finish to showcase the full process for anyone considering an E- Design project. 

Courtney was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was very professional, creative, and delivered the project on time and on budget. She kept me informed each step of the way, and even provided alternative options based on stocking and delivery issues presented by COVID-19. I would highly recommend Courtney for any virtual or in-person decorating services – she will definitely exceed your expectations!”

– Hannah Currie

This particular client was moving into a new home and wanted her bedroom to be a place to unwind after a long day of work. Since we were working with a blank slate she had a hard time seeing the vision and needed some professional advice.

When she reached out to me the next step was the following:

Part 1: Determining the required work

This is a quick complimentary phone call or email to discuss the scope of the project, how many hours might be required to complete the project and collect any other relevant information. For this client, we decided that my 3 hour package would be the perfect solution with any additional work needed to be billed at an hourly rate.

After our initial consultation and agreement on services we then moved onto the fun stuff. 

Part 2: Photos and information

This is where I asked for more detailed information on the space.

  • The use of the identified space(s)
  • Estimated budget for the space(s) for purchasing 
  • Personal style and decor preferences 
  • Likes and dislikes of the current space
  • Inspirational images 
  • Required furniture 
  • Any handyman work that might require a hired contractor etc.

Once I have collected all the details, I will then require basic measurements and specifications of the space(s), photos of the space(s), and I may also ask for a Facetime call for a virtual tour.

Part 3:  Vision board and shopping list

This is where I will put together a vision board for the space completed with a list of suppliers and budget breakdown. This client and I discussed and chose a paint option for her space which was Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace in a matte finish which helped brighten the space that was lacking a bit of natural light. She did a fantastic job doing the paint by herself I might add! We then discussed the plans for her board and batten feature wall, which was created with primed MDF laid in a grid style. She happened to have a contractor of her own that was able to complete the feature wall which helped save room in the budget for furniture rather than labour.

Original Vision Board Created

In the end, we had to make some minor adjustments based on inventory issues during COVID-19 but all and all it came together beautifully and she is thrilled to rest her head in her new space each night.

Modified Vision Board Created

Shopping List

With the client this would be in a spreadsheet complete with budget breakdown but for the purpose of this blog I had to do it a little differently. Here is the shopping list from the original vision board.

Throw Pillows: HomeSense

Sheets: Simon’s

Rug: LD Shoppe

Light: Article

Hanging Planters: Amazon

Nightstands: Wayfair

Bed Frame: Ikea

Finished Product

If you are considering E-Design services for your home or office, get in touch to get started.