DecorSpring into action with these 6 budget friendly updates to your home this spring

Spring into action with these 6 budget friendly updates to your home this spring

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of this cold Canadian winter. I have done the winter activities, drank the hot chocolate and sat by the fire to get warm too many times to count. I am ready for outdoor fire pits, spring adventures and cold beverages shared with friends. 

Now, If you happen to be one of the lucky ones that can hop on a plane and escape the cold pretending for a moment that you are living in a tropical climate, well I am jealous of you. But, for those of us who are stuck in this icy climate without an end in sight, I say it’s time to embrace spring and put the hot chocolates behind us. Why wait for April showers to bring you flowers! Instead grab a hold of warmer days and what better way to start than by brightening up your home. 

Here are 6 ideas to freshen up your home decor for spring that don’t have to break the bank.

It’s not about changing up your decor with every passing season, but rather applying a couple ideas to cure your winter hangover. 

1. This shouldn’t come as a surprise but greenery!
This could be as simple as picking up a fresh, or fake, or even dried bundle of flowers the next time you are out and about. Or perhaps you have a bit more of a green thumb and are ready for a bigger challenge? We are nearing the time to start growing your plants indoors to help aid in a successful garden this summer. This is also a great way to start getting excited for the changing seasons. 

2. Add some colour!
Put away the cozy winter accents and bust out some neon. Just kidding, but do add in some colour to your decor. Put out some colourful books on your coffee table as an accent piece and replace your throw pillows with some muted pastels. If you’re feeling really creative, have your kids create some art (you choose the colours to keep the palette cohesive to your overall decor) or invite some friends over to paint a few new pieces of artwork to brighten up your office or living spaces. It might not be perfect, but It will surely make you smile. Urban Outfitters has some great accessories in muted tones this season.

3. Wallpaper has made a huge comeback.
I mean, it never really left it more or less just evolved. This season we are seeing a lot of large flower arrangements, bold colour choices and fun patterns with various fruit and wildlife. If you are scared of commitment consider a wall decal that is removable. A half bathroom is a great place to give a facelift this spring.  Urban Walls has some great decal ideas to check out.

4. Time to put the spring wreath on your front door.
I am currently staring out my front door thinking, why the heck are my winter wreaths still sitting here! I don’t think there is any rule as to when it is too early, and if there is I am breaking that rule. I mentioned in a previous post of mine that I like to dress up the very simple eucalyptus wreaths I use almost year round. For this season, I will add some faux flowers to the mix and maybe a nice bow. This way I am not investing in a wreath for every season, or storing them in the off season. 

5. Add a new spring inspired hand towel in your kitchen.
I particularly love these ones from Simons Canada and I have seen so many great ones for $3-5 at Homesense as well. 

6. Candles and Soaps.
Switch out those cranberries, cinnamons and evergreens for something with a floral or citrus scent. If you haven’t tried Mrs. Myers you are missing out. Their Basil kitchen spray is such an uplifting smell and lasts for hours. I also love their Honeysuckle and Mint scents