DecorRuggable – The 100% Machine Washable Rugs With Style

Ruggable – The 100% Machine Washable Rugs With Style

Okay so real truth. I love my dog, but he can be the worst when it comes to “accidents” in our home. We have tried a plethora of solutions to fix this problem, one that even includes a regular diaper and yet he continues to mark in our house. 

With that said, area rugs have become a real challenge to keep in our homes. Between my insanely cute but annoying dog and the glitter-paint- sticky finger monsters I am raising, my rugs take a beating.

However I have a solution! I have recently purchased a few Ruggable rugs for a client’s home who has two very large dogs. One of which is a puppy where accidents are more regular. These dogs also shed a lot of dog hair that used to get embedded into my client’s rugs from both 150 pound animals. 

Since trying Ruggable I cannot say how excited I am about them. They are 100% machine washable and come in a variety of styles and colours.

– Courtney Turk

They have a two piece system with a non-slip underpad and a lightweight cover. When a spill or accident happens you can just remove the cover and throw it into the wash and voila, it’s like new again! If you are anything like me and love to have the cozy comfort of what an area rug can do for a space, but have some filthy animals (kids and husband included in this description) than I HIGHLY recommend you give Ruggable a try. 

Here are a few of my favourite designs:

Ademi Paprika Red
Cambria Sapphire
Cambria Sapphire #2
Left: Crosshatch Natural | Right: Gradasi Teal Quartz
Hendesi Heriz Albalone