This project was one that I was thrilled to accept and take the challenge of completing before the holiday season. The goal was to reuse some of the favourite pieces throughout the home and to turn a darker living space into something bright and inviting. The fireplace renovation gave us some surprises early on and it quickly became an incredible piece of art with one of the most beautiful 12ft pieces of exotic wood you’ll ever see. Transforming a non-working fireplace into the focal point of the room was just the beginning. From there we lightened up the wall colours, added a beautiful new light fixture that was more suited for the room and changed the furniture to be more functional for the size of the room. It was necessary to really choose the furniture wisely to max out its function in a narrow space. 

Living Room

Dining Room

This dining room wasn’t equipped with the proper storage for these wine loving home owners, using the wall space for added storage not only looks amazing but it serves as a functional piece of artwork as well. A fresh coat of paint and a quick window and trim reno and this space looked brand new.

Spare Bedroom Turned Walk-In Closet

This spare bedroom was not being utilized to its maximum potential. Just because it is a “bedroom” doesn’t mean it has to serve the purpose for just that. In what was originally a 5 bedroom home, these homeowners didn’t need another spare bedroom. Therefore, it was time to make some walk in closet dreams come true! This beautiful customizable closet included with a vanity and lots of storage made me kind of jealous of how beautiful and functional it came together.

Stay tuned for Phase 2 of Project Broadway… currently under renovation!