DecorOur Top 5 Bold Interior Paint Colours for 2022

Our Top 5 Bold Interior Paint Colours for 2022

Painting your interior walls a dark and bold colour is something that scares most people. It is often looked down upon and considered a taboo to many home owners because it will make a room feel small. If a dark bold interior paint colour is not used in the proper space, it can actually look out of place and not complementary to the surrounding elements in your home. On the other hand, a dark bold interior paint colour can really define the atmosphere and mood of a room. Dark colours love shadow, and can look really stunning when the right lighting hits. Follow these tips and tricks to make sure your dark accent colour will work in your home and check out our top 5 bold interior paint colours for 2022 from Benjamin Moore.

Tips for Painting with Bold Interior Colours

Select the Right Finish

Our big tip for the right finish for a dark wall colour, is a matte finish. This will allow for the dark colour to appear softer and almost appear chalky. A matte paint is very high in pigment which will ensure full coverage no matter what interior paint colour is chosen.

Utilize Natural and Ambient Lighting

Selecting the proper space for a dark interior paint colour is a daunting task. To ensure you’ve got the right space for a bold colour, make sure there is tons of natural light but also a room that casts lots of shadows. When selecting ambient lighting, it is important to pick your lamp or floor lamp with a high contrasting shade and a warm white bulb to ensure the moody glow your space should have.

Select Contrasting Decor & Furniture

Dark and dramatic wall colours can be a great backdrop to the right pieces. Select warmer toned furniture. A warm tan leather sofa or armchair against a dark colour will always win our hearts. Select bright artwork, or a mirror for your dark wall to really make it stand out, reflect and bounce the lighting around the room. 

Paint the Trim the Same Colour

One of the best spaces to paint your room a dark colour, is actually smaller rooms. Take advantage of an already small space, and give it the mood and charm it deserves. A very helpful tip, to make the room appear taller, is to paint the trim in the same colour. As stated above, the best finish to select is a matte finish for the walls, and the trim in a satin finish. 

Here are our Top 5 Bold Interior Paint Colours

1. Jet Black by Benjamin Moore

Design by Courtney Turk Interiors

2. Vintage Vogue by Benjamin Moore

Design by Bria Hammel Interiors

3. Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore

Design by Courtney Turk Interiors

4. Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore

Photo by Our Humble Abode

5. Onyx by Benjamin Moore

Design by Courtney Turk Interiors

Author: Melissa Lepage, Senior Interior Decorator, Courtney Turk Interiors