DecorOur 5 Favourite Throw Blankets to Keep Warm This Season

Our 5 Favourite Throw Blankets to Keep Warm This Season

If you’re anything like me, I am freezing ¾ of the year (one of the drawbacks of living in Canada).

You can often find me cuddled up with a blanket and probably a PSL (pumpkin spice latter), especially once the crisp fall air hits. So it comes without a surprise that choosing the right blanket is key for me so that it vibes with the aesthetic of our interior selections. While my husband would be the first one to choose a blanket solely on how closely it resembles the fur of a kitten, I take a few more things into consideration. I am happy to share a well thought out list of my favourite blankets to cozy up with this year that will look beautiful tossed on any piece of furniture.

Lineage Woven Throw- CB2

Where to begin with this piece? Not only is this blanket infused with the soul of rockstar legend Lenny Kravitz but it has carefully been crafted with unique sizes of unspun wool, rich African colours and texture creating the most unique vibrancy.

This piece would be a great addition to any room!

Chunky Alpaca Throw – Parachute

This blanket might as well be your favourite weekend sweater because that’s exactly what it looks and feels like. The neutral colours work well with most furnishings, and the warmth of this blanket which is made from Alpacas is undeniable. The one drawback of a throw made of Alpaca, as it is dry clean only. I would recommend using this one in a low traffic area away from sticky fingers.

Natural Nuance knit throw – Simons Home

I had a hard time choosing my favourite colour from this throw! Both the khaki and the brown are the perfect fall hues. With these tones infusing our streets as fall leaves shift, it is without a doubt I am inspired to recreate nature’s beauty indoors. The price can’t be beat, and they are durable enough to machine wash as well. A win for me no doubt.

Gobi Throw – West of Main

This relaxed throw blanket is so timeless and therefore one we continue to recommend in all seasons. Although it might not have the soft spun nature like some of our other recommendations, it is still a favourite of ours. We tend to recommend this one for higher traffic areas like a living room or family room. When guests come over, they have no issue tucking their toes into this linen blanket to stay toasty without feeling like they need a nap!

Hayes Faux Mohair – Pottery Barn

There are a number of reasons why we love this blanket! The sustainably sourced materials are a key component to our selection here, while a wool blanket is without a doubt one of the warmest. We like to provide alternatives where possible and this one is a strong contender. This super soft brushed acrylic feels like the real deal, and once again easy to wash and care for unlike other wool blankets. While the eucalyptus is our favourite shade, we approve of all the colour options provided.