NewsMelissa Lepage Featured Interior Decor Expert for Redfin

Melissa Lepage Featured Interior Decor Expert for Redfin

Our Senior Interior Decorator Melissa Lepage has recently been featured in Redfin’s article “What is Cheugy Home Decor? Experts Reveal Outdated Home Décor and Design Trends“!

Do you own inspirational throw pillows? Is your room decorated with chevron prints? If you answered yes to either of those, your home interior may just be “cheugy”. From name brands and music taste, to clothing trends and home decor, this new term is a catch-all word broadly used to describe something or someone’s relevance. Trends are always changing, and something that’s categorized as “cheugy” today may not be tomorrow. Redfin asked us, along with other experts from Vancouver, CA to Miami, FL, to reveal outdated decor and design trends that so many are guilty of.

Check out what Melissa and other interiors decor experts had to say!