DecorHow To Create an Instagramable Children’s Birthday Party Without Breaking the Bank

How To Create an Instagramable Children’s Birthday Party Without Breaking the Bank

It’s no surprise that Children’s Birthdays have become a social media epidemic. What used to be a cake, a few streamers and those awful party hats with the string that always snapped around your neck, has now turned into a competition. We are up against professional photo shoots of a one year old enjoying cake for the first time, or better yet, who can have the most obnoxious theme. Some children’s birthday parties are beginning to resemble more of a wedding! 

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for this! I have fallen victim to the competition more times than I’d like to admit. However, I am not ok with the price tag associated with this fun filled day. I have cautiously spent my money on the proper decor to use again and again with each birthday that comes up so I can continue to provide my kids (and my instagram) with the birthday party they deserve.

Here are my tips on how to save money on your child’s next birthday and years to come and still get all the “likes”:

#1 Linens

No matter the theme, keep the main decor very neutral. I tend to purchase tablecloths, cutlery and cups all in a very neutral tone. This way leftovers can be used on the next party even when the theme isn’t complementary to the last.

#2 Glassware

Whatever your preferred style find some appropriate glassware to use for your parties. I have picked up some inexpensive mason jars and candy jars at the dollar store. They not only make great props for filling in the decor on your tables but also serve the purpose for so many items. I display cutlery, straws and flowers in the mason jars alone.

#3 Theme

When your child says he wants a Dinosaur theme for his birthday, don’t be so quick to buy all things dinosaur. Purchasing a Happy Birthday banner in a colour you can use over and over is a sure way to save money. Pick up items like napkins and toys for props that can be repurposed as gifts for your child to play with later in the dinosaur theme. 

#4 The Cake

Ok, so the cost of cakes for this spectacular day has skyrocketed. The cake is by far the most talked about feature at my own children’s birthdays. They want this colour and that colour, sprinkles and volcanos and a live barbie coming out the top of it. instead of paying an arm and a leg for their cakes, I took a course on decorating and took it upon myself to make their visions come to life. What could cost well over a hundred dollars a cake is less than half that by doing it myself.

#5 Balloons

Right now the cost of helium is ridiculous. Just a couple basic balloons can cost upwards of $20-30. Limit how many balloons you are filling with helium. If you fill your balloons with air, bundle them together and tape them up, you will get the same idea but save on this extra cost. I tend to mix in the two to get the right element of decor but really only filling just a handful with helium.

#6 Repurpose

This may seem as an obvious suggestion but you would be surprised at how few people consider it. Use items in your home to create levels in your props. Example in the photo of using wooden crates. I have literally dumped out toys and stored them elsewhere for the day just to create that added element. Also consider toys or things your children might already have lying around to add to the theme. I literally used a beach towel as a table runner one time! Get creative with the things you already have.

#7 Food

Scheduling a party at a time of day where you aren’t required to feed all your guests lunch or dinner is a great way to save cash. You can easily grab some veggies and fruit trays but display on your own dinnerware. Throw the fruit on some skewers and make it part of the decor. The cake should be your main focus anyway so having everything revolve around that is all anyone cares about anyway.