DecorWhat I Love About HomeSense

What I Love About HomeSense

I realize this might come as a shock to some, but I love HomeSense! As a decorator there are certain things I pride myself on achieving for my clients – staying on budget and sourcing unique pieces that fit the preferred styles of their homes. HomeSense, although frowned upon by a lot of decorators, offers just that. 

I know that I am not supporting local businesses by shopping at HomeSense, and by no means do I solely depend on this store alone, but I’d like to point out some of my favourite options for purchasing at HomeSense, and also let you in on some not so great options.

7 Things I Like To Buy At HomeSense


Holy cow, bedding can be expensive and I don’t know about you, but I like nice fresh sheets at the end of the day. I don’t want to sacrifice on quality but I also want to stay within my budget  when it comes to my sheets, duvet cover pillows etc. There is an abundance of options for brand, style, and colour at HomeSense and I repeatedly purchase their bedding. Just be sure to check thread count and what material they are made from quality assurance. I tend to look for at least 500 thread count and anything made of Egyptian cotton, 100% Cotton or Bamboo. Bamboo is considered more breathable than cotton, however egyptian cotton helps absorb water from the body and has extra long fibres that are sumptuous and long lasting. I personally prefer egypitan cotton.

Woven Baskets

I love wicker or seagrass anything right now, but especially baskets. They have become the latest accessory to dress up just about anything from plants, storing toys, linens, office supplies, you name it. Unless you are looking for a handmade signature piece then HomeSense is your place. There is literally an entire section dedicated to baskets for every need and they are typically less expensive than even IKEA (and what is less than IKEA?).

Picture Frames

Again, unless you are looking for a specific custom size frame, then HomeSense has a great selection of materials, sizes and styles, all at a very affordable cost. 


Did you even know HomeSense carried books? From children’s books to cookbooks and fashion coffee table books! I saw just the other day that Joanna Gaines – Home Body (favourite decor book) was there for HALF the price. Books can be expensive, but not at HomeSense.

Faux Plants

Right off the bat, I don’t like fake plants. But in some situations I can understand why a fake plant would be required. For example, I own one fake plant in my home. The location of the plant receives little to no sunlight, and is located beside a fan that I HAVE to use every night to sleep. With these two elements it makes it impossible for a real plant to stay alive thus resulting in a fake plant. HomeSense has fantastic, realistic looking plants that are once again a fraction of the cost at other home decor stores.

Area Rugs

A lot of rugs are made to order or you are basing your entire purchase off of a small sample. At homesense you get to see the full pattern and quality in person, thus making that decision much easier. They typically only have 1 or 2 of a similar style so be sure to snag one up if you think it is the right fit for your space. Alternatively, you can take it home and try it out and if it doesn’t work you can return it since it wasn’t a custom order.

4 Things I Don’t Like to Buy At HomeSense


Ugh, I have seen it over and over again with the same style of print in far too many homes. They all look the same and have little to no character. Sure there will be the odd fantastic find in this department at HomeSense but typically speaking you and 1800+ other people will have the same piece of art hanging in your home. Art should be interesting, an investment, and something that wows your space. I would advise you to really look elsewhere first before shopping at HomeSense for artwork. Try looking online at for some fun prints or local second hand stores for ideas you can repurpose. 

Vases & Ceramics

Okay so this one is tricky. I usually like decorative pieces like this to be original hand me downs or vintage finds and not just purchased to purchase. In some cases, when you are looking for a specific piece HomeSense may have that desired item but in most cases I prefer something with a bit more meaning to showcase on a fireplace mantel or shelving unit. I’d suggest asking family members or friends if they are ditching anything you could repurpose first before settling on one of these items.

Organization Essentials

Plain and simple, you can get ¾ of them cheaper online at Amazon or even at the dollar store for the exact same items.

Pet Supplies

Sure they have a lot of really cute toys and treats for your pets, but be sure to check the labels of where they are made and expiration date to assure your fur babies are kept away from harmful ingredients if you’re going to purchase one of these from there. Look for Canadian made and nutrient rich ingredients without a lot of fillers.