DecorStress free tablescape for this year’s Thanksgiving

Stress free tablescape for this year’s Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, so many of us want to create the perfect tablescape especially if we are the ones hosting any sort of gathering. 

There is already so much pressure on menu prepping, cooking, cleaning and not to mention family drama (you all know you have some don’t lie), that with the added stress of decor elements can put us over the edge resulting in being the auntie who had a little too much wine at Sunday dinner. 

Year after year I have struggled with seasonal and holiday decor for this very reason, it is a forced feeling for me rather than a joyful one. I have worked hard to collect memories and pieces that speak to my personality over the years that create the perfect energy in my home. I have found that frilly and one time use arrangements just cramp my style. So instead, this year I wanted to create a blog to really show you how to work with pieces you already have and throw in minimal effort to create the perfect stress free tablescape for your thanksgiving gathering.

Set the stage

Are you a table cloth or a placemat kind of person? Perhaps you already have a neutral tablecloth  to work with and that will be your building block to layer your other dishes on. These plaid placemats were $2 from the Dollar Store and can be re-used next year, or thrown out guilt free if Nana spills the wine all over the table again this year.

Choose your year round dinnerware wisely

These earthy speckled dishes have been a staple in our house for some time. They are still classic and timeless, but add a little visual interest to the table without much effort everyday of the week. These are similar to the ones in our image as ours are discontinued now but will create the same ambiance. 

Vintage finds

Embrace the festive feels as vintage finds have a natural patina sort of like the leaves falling from the trees. This copper vase costed pennies (see what I did there)  from our local second hand shop and once again is used in my office year round,  however by moving it from one location to another and throwing some fresh cut stems from the yard it immediately takes on a new purpose on our tablescape this year. 

Use food

By using the food as your focus, this is a great way to add some colour and life to your plates. A lot of Thanksgiving food is colourless, brown, brown and a bit more brown. So add some fresh herbs, dried fruit and vegetables with colour to really give the table some life. Bonus is it tastes yummy too.