DecorFall…in love with your home, again.

Fall…in love with your home, again.

Fall is officially around the corner and we could not be more excited to smell that crisp, cool air, get bundled up in our favourite sweaters, go for a long walk then lounge under a cozy blanket on the sofa. This is arguably the best time of the year and it is no exception when it comes to decor. This season truly brings out the best palette. Warm ,inviting earthy tones that we at CTI naturally gravitate towards. 

With the seasons changing, you might feel the pressure to change your home decor as well. 

Here are 4 easy tips and tricks to getting your home fall inspired, timeless and cozy without breaking the bank on exhausted seasonal decor. 

01. Layering Textiles

Layering Textiles on your Sofa – This technique is a great and easy way to incorporate texture and fall inspired colours in your home. If you have neutral furniture, it makes for a great backdrop for fall coloured textiles. Layer a velvet rust orange or velvet green throw pillow, with a neutral striped throw blanket to your sofa. Trick – Reuse your insert cushion, and purchase pillow covers for an easy seasonal switch!

Layering Textiles in your Dining Room – This technique not only adds some character to your dining room, it is a perfect way to display a desirable and impressive fall themed centrepiece on your dining table or sideboard. Simply layer a neutral patterned table runner across your dining table, a textured handmade vase, seasonal stems and a faux pumpkin (you can keep it for years!) 

Left: Table Setup by Unexpected Elegance | Right: Project Raise the Carr – Courtney Turk Interiors

02. Decorate with Fall Vegetables

Next up, my favourite tip. Spruce up the spaces in your home with some fall vegetables. This is such an easy affordable way to style your home during this season. Run to your nearest grocery store or farmers market, and pick up some colourful fruits or vegetables to layer on your table tops. This will test your creativity but also spark a fun Sunday DIY project to enjoy with the family and kids.Tricks– Use these vegetables once ripened, in a homemade fall soup recipe! For a more neutral/ soft toned look, paint your pumpkins white, beige, or sage green.

Left: Photo by The Lettered Cottage | Photo by Chris Loves Julia

03. Switch out your Greenery

The very first thing I notice when this beautiful season approaches are the colours changing, the leaves falling and the exposed branches. There is nothing like the view of those autumn colours, and bringing the outside – in.  I am here to tell you that we at CTI love our greenery, and this time of year is the only time we like to switch out the bright greenery in our decor to warm, earthy tone stems and branches. 

You might find some great faux branches at a local store, but real branches from the forest behind your house is a great spot to hunt for a priceless centrepiece. Grab a bunch, ensure there is enough height to create visual interest, and place them in your favourite vase. 

Left: Project Raise the Carr – Courtney Turk Interiors  | Right: Sunny Side Up Blog

04. Fall Senses

The strongest of our 5 senses, smell plays a huge role in this season. There is nothing more comforting than the smell of fall. That can sound crazy to those who don’t adore this time of year. From the spark at a cold night’s bonfire, to the smell of a fresh apple pie, or a hot latte. Even a candle in all of those scents can do the trick, so why not crowd your entire house with them? 

Candles and scents are an absolute necessity when we style our projects. It’s one of those final elements that really help a space feel like home. Fall scented wick candles, incense sticks, or diffusers are a great way to achieve that sense of relaxation and fall atmosphere in  your home. 

Some of the many scents I love during this season are vanilla, spiced pumpkin, firewood, mahogany teakwood, and smoked amber. They give me all the warm and cozy feels.