NewsCourtney Turk Explains Happy-Medium Design for

Courtney Turk Explains Happy-Medium Design for

Courtney Turk was featured as an interior design expert in a recent article for “Can’t Stand Minimalism or Maximalism? Try Happy-Medium Design“. The article, created for individuals who think minimalism is too stark, and maximalism too much provides insights into what exactly happy-medium design is, how to achieve the look, what happy-medium design furniture looks like, colour palettes and more. The home decor pendulum seems to have swung to the middle, learn more by checking out the article.

The article was also featured in The Telegraph (Illinois), along with SFGATE (San Francisco Chronicle)

It’s finding the balance between clean lines and indulging in a
little extra-saturated colour and rich fabric choices.

Courtney Turk, Owner, Courtney Turk Interiors