DecorBudget Friendly – Home Decor Gift Guide

Budget Friendly – Home Decor Gift Guide

This time of year is the perfect time to gift home decor to your friends, colleagues, loved ones or family.  With the amount of time spent at home these days, why not contribute to one of the most important creations in someone’s life; home. It’s where memories are made, and where unwinding from a long day occurs. These thoughtful and affordable gift ideas are the perfect addition to your holiday shopping list.   

Follow this home decor gift guide to find our top 10 favourite, affordable home decor essentials for your shopping list from a few of our favourite vendors. 

01. Brass Candle Holders

Throw these affordable brass candle holders with an elongated candlestick on any table top or mantle for an added element of style and visual interest to enjoy. This trio along with scented candles is a great gift to give!

02. Black Marble Book Ends

This set of real marble “wedge” shaped bookends are a perfect addition to any shelf on either side of a stack of books. This unique piece will add a bit of character and drama in any home.

03. Made for Living Coffee Table Book

This coffee table book is both an element of decor and a fantastic read. It will spark all kinds of inspiration and tips and tricks to tackle your next home decor project. Amber Lewis is one of our biggest inspirations at Courtney Turk Interiors so this is a must have in our book collection!

04. Sage Diffuser

A diffuser in a home is an absolute must! This allows for the best of smells to diffuse in your home, and freshen a space using natural essential oils. This particular diffuser would be suitable for any home – it has a beautiful pattern and 2 colour options.

05. Round Marble Incense Holder

This item is a unique piece to add to any home. It’s shape and natural beauty will act as a decorative element to any room, and you can tailor the scents to the homeowners preferences.

06. Carved Wood Candle Holder

These wooden candle holders have a gorgeous carved detail and are made of solid wood. Perfect for any table top, or addition to your centrepieces..

07. Wood Chain Link

These decorative pieces will be loved by all, including those with young families. Acting as a topper to a stack of books on a coffee table, this decorative natural wood link is versatile and not fragile like some decor pieces. It can be used with ease knowing that if small hands get a hold of it, it will receive the love it deserves.

08. Wooden Serving Board

Most of us can agree, purchasing a wooden serving board is one of the most versatile things to shop for! The natural beauty of this multipurpose item makes for the perfect gift to your friends and family. It can create the perfect backdrop to a small decorative vignette, or act as  it’s natural purpose when entertaining, serving food!

09. Wood Ribbed Footed Bowl

This bowl is a piece of beauty! Its rich toned wood and ribbed detail makes for a great addition to any table top. This piece can be used decoratively, with a beautiful stack of faux moss for a touch of greenery or it can be used more functionally to serve guests at your next holiday party. 

10. French Linen Tea Towels

Practical yet beautiful, these tea towels add a touch of softness and warmth to your kitchen or table setting. They are a beautiful neutral colour, and will work with any style of decor!