DecorAffordable Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Small Oasis

Affordable Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Small Oasis

Think of your backyard as an extension of your home decor. You should love your outdoor space as much as the inside of your home. Spending time outside is not only good for the soul, but in times like these it might be one of the few places you can go and feel like you’re in a small oasis. With that said, I think it goes without saying that we need to get a little creative in the ways we spend money lately. I have put together some affordable ways to make your backyard dreams happen this year. 


It’s important to decide the function of your backyard. Do you spend a lot of time dining, lounging or maybe hanging out by the pool? Whatever it is, that will determine the pieces you buy to have it come together. Factoring in whether or not these pieces will remain outdoors during cooler months will also help determine the best purchases for your space. This IKEA modular sofa doubles with storage underneath for an affordable sectional that won’t fade during the summer months and the covers can easily be zipped off and washed as an added bonus.

Upcycle Decor

If purchasing new furniture is not in the cards, try updating the current furniture with some new throw pillows and new textiles. An outdoor area rug can really change the energy in a space from cold to cozy or changing cushions can make it seem brand new with minimal effort. JYSK has some really affordable fun cushions that can work in nearly every backyard – mix and match with a few for a fun inviting space.

Spray paint

If your old furniture is dated or weathered, try spray painting it to give it a facelift. Here is a great explanation from Style at Home on how to spray paint your outdoor furniture 

Rope Lighting

Outlining a path in your yard, or highlighting furniture and steps can really customize your backyard. They are also very functional to help illuminate any areas that could be dark at night where you wouldn’t want someone to trip. These Amazon lights are an affordable rope light to consider. 

Fairy Lights

I made this separate from the rope lighting because it is a very different appeal. It creates warmth and makes a back yard feel cozy. If you don’t have a pergola or covered deck try adding in some planter boxes with a pole on the outskirts of your patio setup and run the lights along the perimeter of the space. 

Children’s Play Area

Create a space for kids that flows with the rest of your yard and home decor. Most of the time children’s play structures, sand pits and mini pools ruin your grass area. Create a little creative corner for them to use their imagination without compromising too much of your yard’s style and function. Add in all their favourite things to the one area with patio stone, sand or even fake grass as a base. This way you don’t have to try and mow in between all their items and it will upgrade not only your yard, but their space at the same time.