Decor8 Elegant Wall Decal Ideas for a Girls Bedroom

8 Elegant Wall Decal Ideas for a Girls Bedroom

Have you ever made the mistake of asking your daughter “What theme do you want for your bedroom?”

I did, and for a while I regretted it. I couldn’t see past the initial shock of the bright pink unicorns and rainbows that she envisioned. Until, I was inspired by a page out of Joanna Gaines book “Home Body.” She took a not so literal sense of the idea of a rainbow room and was able to create a muted version of what her client had envisioned. With that I have put together some ideas to help you create a look that your daughter will be happy with, but also one that mom will be happy with too. 

#1 Stars

If your daughter is thinking of princesses think magical star

#2 Rainbows

Softer hues of rainbow decals instead of the traditional bright coloured rainbows

#3 Ice Cream & Sprinkles

If your daughter is into Shopkins try something like this instead

#4 Flower Stems

#5 Black Dots

Is your daughter into animals, try soft asymmetrical dots like these for an animal print inspired wall

#6 Ferns

Have a little girl who loves fairies? Try ferns and allow them to imagine fairies living among them

#7 Clouds

#8 Confetti

My daughter loves LOL Dolls and I thought this one would go over well with a little girl who might want a room inspired by them.