Decor5 Tips To Create Visual Interest In Any Room

5 Tips To Create Visual Interest In Any Room

1. Play with bold paint colours

We see a lot of “playing it safe” with white walls throughout the entirety of a home, and although there is a place for this, creating visual interest with bold colours is a sure tell way to capture the attention of your guests. Our project “Day n Knight” is one where we carried Benjamin Moores Gentleman’s Grey from floor to ceiling and it is one heck of a show stopper to their otherwise traditional home.

2. Let There Be Light

Lighting is a key factor in any room no doubt, but a statement piece is hard to ignore. This could be a floor lamp, wall sconce, a dining room pendant, the possibilities are endless. Whichever space you choose, just make sure you consider the scale and size of the piece that is relative to the room as well as the esthetic. This crystal chandelier from Restoration Hardware in our Mickelberry Project takes charge of this guest room leaving anyone who stays in the room talking about the grand and luxuriousness they experienced during their stay.

3. Pattern on Pattern

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Although this may seem like a faux pas, it actually creates intent and you’ve got it, visual INTEREST! This bold wallpaper from Graham Brown paired with a custom upholstered headboard master the art of pattern on pattern. We love how this little girls room feels mature and playful with a stripe and floral combo at our Project Napa Valley meets Rideau Valley.

4. Mixing Metals

One of our favourite things to do is mixing metals. We typically have a rule of no more than 2-3 different metals in an appropriate sized space but we have been known to break the odd rule from time to time. Ever hear of the saying “Too much of a good thing” well you can apply that here. When you have too much of the same finish throughout a space it can feel cold, copy and pasted and drab. When mixing metals try to stick to warm and cool tones vs all the same finish. In our Goat Haus project we mixed chrome and champagne bronze finishes to elevate this main bathroom.

5. Decor and Accessories

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, that the proper decor and accessories help to make a space feel unique and interesting. Please don’t go raiding your local HomeSense to try and create a vignette after reading this. We want your hand picked decor pieces to have an element of personalization as well as vibe together. Working in numbers of 3 for scale is a great fool proof way to keep the eye entertained without being over stimulated. The addition of greenery (real of faux) is always welcomed as well. In our project “How Low Can Hugo” we used this vintage hand me down pot with some stems, hardy books and playful objects for a mixed palate and conversation piece. 

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