Decor5 Simple Ways to Upgrade your Bedroom

5 Simple Ways to Upgrade your Bedroom

#1 Lighting

Lighting is one of the key components to capturing the right mood in the bedroom. Whether it’s romantic, bright and airy, or a dark and moody vibe, lighting can enhance your bedroom in a flash.

#2 Bedding

Upgrade that outdated comforter and splurge on a little luxury for your bed. Keep a nice neutral tone and add texture and colour with throw blankets and pillows. As your style changes these accent items can be replaced easily to showcase a new look.

#3 Paint

Whether it’s a bold feature wall to create a focal point in the room or brightening up the entire room as a whole, paint can be a key element to the bedroom facelift. 

#4 Art

It is no secret that art is a very personal item. Carefully selecting pieces that give you a sense of comfort as well as style will help uplift your bedroom to create a place where you can rest easy every night.

#5 Plants

Last but not least bringing the outside in, plants! Not only are they good for air quality and helping you sleep at night, they are my favourite way to bring any room to life.