Decor10 Ways To Create a Motivating Office Space

10 Ways To Create a Motivating Office Space

How many hours a week do you spend sitting in your office? I bet it is a lot. Why not create a space that is motivating and comfortable to keep your creative juices flowing day in day out. Take a look at these simple solutions that you can implement right away to create a healthier work environment whether its a corporate or home office.

1. Let colour control your mood.

Don’t be afraid of a little bit of colour. If you can’t paint your office space, incorporate some colour through a few prints. Colours like orange and yellow stimulate creativity and motivation where colours like blue and green represent ambition and growth.

2. Do decorate with DIY.

Bringing in pieces you have created yourself reminds you of a time when you successfully completed something. Whether it is a plant you grew from a tiny seed or a painting you made over a glass of wine with friends. It will take you to a place of happiness and completion. These emotions will project onto your daily tasks furthering your growth in the office.

3. The benefits of plants.

I’m saying it again, greenery! I know this is something I repeat often as it is my favourite accessory, but what better way to decorate your office than with plants. Since you spend most of your time indoors, why not bring it to life with some nature. Plants not only improve air quality but they also allow you to focus better and help to prevent the spread of illness from those around you. Don’t forget that the colour green itself also symbolizes growth, wealth, and has calming properties that encourage you to relax. All something we can get behind in the workplace.

4. Add warmth.

If possible consider an area rug. It will warm the space up, reduce noise, and maybe you can even sneak a shoes off party under your desk without anyone noticing to revive those feet from your uncomfortable work shoes all day. 

5. Personal Touches

Did you know  ⅓ of your life will be spent at work. That’s almost 90,000 hours which unfortunately leaves you with less time spending it with your loved ones. Surrounding yourself with photos and personal touches that spark joy will remind you of those cherished people in your life. It will make the day go by a little quicker knowing they are the light you get to go home to at the end of the day or after a long work week.

6. Organize your To-Do List

I have posted before on all the creative things you can do with Washi Tape . Consider creating a calendar on your wall out of Washi Tape. Personally I am a visual learner, so naturally I like to see my tasks right in front of me. I tend to overuse sticky notes and sometimes they can get out of control. This simple calendar idea makes it easy to stay on track and still be able to jot things down quickly as they come and go.

7. Envision the vision.

Create a vision board. Whatever your goals are in the workplace, set them in plain sight so you can be reminded of what your working towards. A corkboard is a great way to display these goals and easy to change as they evolve. You can even hang your family photos or other sentiments on the board to keep things together and organized. 

8. Let there be light

Now I realize this isn’t going to be possible in all cases but wherever it is try and place your desk to face some natural light. Sunlight boosts your mood making you a much nicer person to be around (maybe you need to suggest this one to a colleague or two)! If you don’t have the option to be near a window, consider a sun lamp.

9. The importance of your mug

Coffee is often used as a moment to refresh your mind and body with necessary fuel to keep going throughout the day. What your forgetting is the mug itself. A well thought out mug can really inspire you to keep trucking along through the day. Choose a mug that boosts office morale and personal growth. An inspiring quote can resonate with all of us. This portion of the article was inspired by my husband’s post on his views on “Why a good mug can contribute to a successful work life” 

10. Desktop background

I recently saw the background of my husbands laptop and immediately questioned his choices. It was a mountain scenery with autumn leaves. While this is a nice image to reflect on, if any of you know my husband you would know this is not something he would typically choose. When he answered my question with “it’s just the image the computer came with” it was disappointing. That image is one of the first things you see when you turn your computer on in the morning. If its mountains you choose, than those mountains should have an underlying message that is inspiring you to jump start the day on the right foot. If its not, please change it now!